Testimonials: Hull – East Yorkshire

Plastering Courses Hull Testimonials

“A superb well supervised and organised plastering courses, to get a novice like me to the standard of plastering, Outstanding ! an understanding and very patient tutor very well worth attending would recommend to anyone considering any plastering works, Thanks”

Ian Schofield

Hull East Yorkshire

” I did the weekend plastering course to fit around my current job and it was great. I now feel confident to take on plastering jobs for myself, in four days we covered most aspects of plastering such as walls, ceilings window reveals patches and blending in, The instructor was great, patient and very helpful.”

Paul Andrews


” Turned up on Monday morning with no confidence I could do this, Great first meet and made welcome. No messing about introduction to tools, plaster and the dreaded hawk (will it stay on). As the week went on things started to fall into place and become proud of my ceilings and walls (gutted when I had to break) . After the week , confident  I can do the work in my own house slowly but confidently . Great week if you think 4 days is no good think again, recommended now time to go home and really learn cant het worse than Monday morning, Thanks again! had a great messy week. ”

Grant Murray


” I saw C S Plastering School on the internet this company stood out from the rest. If you want to learn to plaster the instructor will show you , only four people training at one time but it feels like one to one training. I was a complete novice and now I feel confident enough to plaster a room. The speed will come with experience . I would recommend C S Plastering , it is easy to find a good location off the A1 and M62. ”

Simon Brown

East Yorkshire

” My experience at C S Plastering School, has been amazing. The tutor is an incredible teacher , feels like one on one and in the group, the plastering course is really laid back with no pressure at all, if you make a mistake the tutor will be very happy to get in there with you and make sure you know where you gone wrong and how to fix it, he made it easy for me to get on the course as he even came to pick me up from the train station  as I don’t drive 5/5.”

Jaden Stannard

Hull Est Yorkshire

” Fantastic tutor. Couldn’t be more helpful for complete beginner like myself learnt far more than I could have expected eager to try it at home now.”


Grimsby East Yorkshire

” Started the plastering course having never picked up a trowel before. Four days later I can confidently handle a trowel and hawk and I’m feeling able to tackle own walls and ceilings at home. The tutor made it easy to follow and I did not feel at any point I cannot do this . ”

Matthew Lamping

Hull East Yorkshire

” Stewart has turned a complete novice into someone with the confidence to take on the bigger task. A very informative plastering course that starts at the basics ad develops, I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to do their own plastering , Great value.”

Paul Harrison


” Great plastering course , got my plastering to a very high standard Stew is a fantastic teacher taking you trough step by step highly recommended.”

Dave Bell


” Very enjoyable plastering course. Excellent demonstration and instructions from the instructor, which made it easy to follow looking forward to plastering un referb jobs I have coming up.”

Darren Howe

Hull East Yorkshire

” Extremely helpful course , excellent service, inspired confidence with consistent advice and tips . 5 Stars would recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to plaster.”

Mitchell Turvey


” I started the plastering course with no DIY experience let alone plastering , and after four days feel able to plaster my own home and friends houses. Really enjoyable and at a good pace for complete beginners like me. ”

Vicki McMellon

Hull East Yorkshire

” I did the four day plastering course , we learned how to plaster walls, ceilings DOT&DAB and bonding coat, the instructor is very professional and patient.”

Carl Duggon


” Great plastering course. Everything covered. Would defiantly recommend.”

Joe Harrison

Hull East Yorkshire

” Brilliant plastering course , brilliant teacher, teaching everything I need to know to start plastering on my own. Very useful 4 days having learnt a life skill.”

Chris Milner


” Great plastering course in four days covered alot from never plastered before I’m leaving confident of plastering my dining room to a great finish, Thanks.”


Hull East Yorkshire

” From knowing nothing about plastering I was confident by the end of the course to do jobs on my own. Very practical course and great training and techniques shown throughout the 4 days. I recommend this to anybody that is wanting to try plastering.”

Chris Jefferson


” Started the plastering course very nervous, the instructor was very understanding made everything simple and relaxed, everything was done step by step. From not having a clue to be able to plaster at a good level the course was excellent, not once did I feel like I was lost or not getting help. Perfect for people that want to learn plastering to a professional level.”

Mike Meluish

Hull Est Yorkshire

” Really good instructor , friendly and patient , easy to follow instructions with detail, would easily recommend C S Plastering School for any novice.”



” Great plastering courses, spot on instructor with clear instructions and demonstrations, feel confident to plaster my house myself now, and pick any small jobs up if asked, Cheers.”

Andy Thorneycroft

Cleethorpes East Yorkshire

” I came from Gilberdythe for this plastering course , it was well worth the travel and the price for this course is very fair. Teacher and facilities are brilliant will be returning  for the advanced course would definitely recommend !”

Jack Arthur

East Yorkshire

” Excellent! the course has taught me the skills and techniques needed to re-plasterer the rooms of my house, just what I was looking for.”

Andy Major

Hull East Yorkshire

As a keen DIYer I needed the hints & tips to help me with my projects. Stew is clearly a master at his craft and can teach easily too, so I left with confidence and a bag full of advice, Recommend to all levels of experience.”

John Chamberlin


” Plastering course was really helpful, the teacher was very friendly I’ve learnt everything I need to feel confident to re-plaster my house I do recommend overalls if you are as messy as I am, an enjoyable and useful four days.”

Vikki Byron

Hull East Yorkshire

” I can highly recommend C S Plastering School , I arrived with no plastering experience and by the end of the course I was confident to go out and do my own plastering. It was down to excellent instructor, friendly and absolutely knew his stuff about plastering and was a relaxed no pressure course highly recommend.”

Gavin Wright


” I know have the confidence to practice what I have learnt from the plastering course from DOT & DABBING to plastering walls. This is all down to the great instruction and skills from the instructor. Highly recommended 5/5 Thanks.”

Peter Lyons

East Yorkshire

” Excellent plastering course ! Had previous experience of plastering but the instructor has shown me how little I actually knew. Extremely nice man and very good teacher I woudl highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to plaster.”

James braghton


” A very enjoyable few days with a very competent and encouraging instructor. I’ve come away with a greatly improved confidence in my ability and I’m ready to have a crack at any plastering job. Would highly recommend this course thanks to C S Plastering School.”

Owen Clarke

Selby East Yorkshire

” Enjoyable four day course, now feel confident to be able to plasterer to a high standard with all the techniques. Would recommend to others.”

Luke Atkinson

Hull East Yorkshire

” Really glad I did the plastering course, it’s given me the confidence to do plastering in my own home and hopefully plastering for other’s. The venue is easy to find, plenty of parking. Top tutor with plenty of years under his belt in plastering (wrong side of 40) Thanks again +++”

Adam Fulcher

Selby East Yorkshire

” Might make a lousy cup of tea but he’s a first class plasterer and teacher, its been a fantastic week and I have learnt loads, looking forward to plastering my new attic conversion, well recommended a must course for those leaving the services.”

Captain Al Barker

East Yorkshire

” Prior to attending this course I had no previous plastering experience. The course is run in a small group which is excellent for learning. Great instruction and friendly atmosphere, from day one I plastered a ceiling and after completing the course I’m confident in taking on any plastering job, great course excellent value.”


Beverley East Yorkshire

” I undertook this course through the recommendation of a colleague and I am pleased I did, the tutor takes a away the mystery and make plastering achievable fore all, do not hesitate.”



Beverely East Yorkshire

” Started as a complete beginner, amazed at what I could achieve be the end of the course with the help of the tutor and the encouragement of Andy the other student, give it a go you wont regret it.”

Mark Smith

Beeford East Yorkshire

” Covered all the basics, you can see the progression each day, gave me the confidence to bugger jobs, easy to approach instructor, this plastering course does exactly what is says on the tin.”


Andy Fridlington

Hornsea East Yorkshire

“The plastering courses are a must for all those looking to gain those techniques and methods for the correct way to plastering and associated works, with a first class tutor and his approach you will gain all the essential skills, coupled with a friendly atmosphere, I thoroughly recommend it.”

Paul Hewitt

Hull East Yorkshire

“As a tradesman joiner I was pleasantly amazed at the speed and efficiently of learning to plaster to a very good finish, Extremely satisfied with this plastering course and will definitely recommend it to others.”


John Sutton

Hull East Yorkshire

“Very good plastering courses excellent content with plenty to get stuck into, the tutor was very approachable with very good useful advice. I feel that at the end of the four days I can quite happily pick up a trowel and have a go with confidence 10/10.”

James Spooner

Beverley East Yorkshire

” I thought the tutor was a very patient and precise teacher, I now feel that I could do a good job to a satisfactory standard. For a four day plastering course I am amazed how much he can teach in such a short time highly recommended.”


Sean Tagert

Selby East Yorkshire

“Learnt an awful lot in the four days very good value for money excellent teacher nothing is too much trouble for him.”

Nick Green – Brough

East Yorkshire

“Brill plastering course I would recommend it to anyone. Going home now to plaster the whole home”.


Graham Peck

Scarborough East Yorkshire

” Far exceeded my expectations very pleased would recommend to anyone with little or no experience.”

Les Bennett

Hull East Yorkshire

” Work as an electrician for British Gas, a great course for any electrician after the basics of plastering, filling in chases & Patching up, skimming, well recommended, great course. “


Scott Gibson

Hull East Riding of Yorkshire – 2 Day Course

” Excellent! Plastering Course including good practical and theoretical content. At the end of the four days I felt confident to do any plastering work required”.


Nicola Ferguson – Hull

East Riding of Yorkshire

” Course content- comprehensive Delivery – precise , professional and friendly. Overall I have left the plastering course feeling confident in my knowledge and ability to deliver a professional service to my future customers from day one.”


Robert Watmough

Selby East Yorkshire

” I decided to do the four day plastering course because I needed several rooms plastering at home, which would have cost around £300 per room. After completing the plastering course I now feel more than confident about tackling the rooms that need doing and doing small jobs to earn a bit of extra cash.”

Jason Gorforth

Hull East Yorkshire

“This course is great, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to plaster for a living or just to do work around the house, in four days I am more confident that I will be able to make money from plastering, this plastering course is hands on from day one with excellent instruction and great value for money.”



Hull East Yorkshire

“The plastering course was very good you learn so much in the time you’ve got and the tutor has a lot of time for each person so you don’t get left behind.”

Junior Adair

Hull East Yorkshire

“The tuition and facilities for learning were first class and I would recommend this plastering course to anyone.”


Tom Hayden

Hull East Yorkshire

“A really helpful plastering course in a great atmosphere to learn in, it’s really given me the confidence to go out and plaster, thanks to the tutor.”

Andy Hughes

Hull East Yorkshire

“Demystified, plastering with lots of trade tips & tricks- giving me the confidence to plaster to a high standard with one – to one support when needed.”


Simon Turner – Scarborough

East Yorkshire

” I came to plastering school thinking I’d learn a new skill I might be able to try at home. In the end I sure have learnt & practised enough to complete walls and ceilings at home to a good standard. Four days were hard work as not used to manual work, but very enjoyable with good teaching throughout. “

Dr Naomi Chinn

Selby East Yorkshire

” C S Plastering School was very easy to find, on Monday didn’t know anything, I learnt lots and now I am very confident. The tutor was very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.Gave us great tips, I was thinking about doing a course in Hull closer to home but I’m very glad I chose C S Plastering School the extra travelling was well worth it. I learnt at my own pace and felt no pressure. “

Darren Everingham

Hull East Yorkshire

“Thoroughly enjoyed the plastering course, found it very informative and engaging. I now have the confidence and ability to carry out plastering work for myself and other people. The days learning how to plaster is very well thought out and gave me tips, only an experienced plasterer can give. Also the tutor is funny and loves his pop quiz !”

Tom Nyunt

Hull East Yorkshire

”I thoroughly enjoyed this plastering course. I was a complete novice and I suppose I still am , but the difference is I now have the confidence to plaster my own home or even bigger projects.The tutor is very friendly and laid back ,he points you in the right direction but lets you enjoy what you are doing. Highly recommended.”


Steve Abram

Hull East Yorkshire

” Knowledgeable plastering course, enjoyed time learning how to plaster. Would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn how to plaster. Well worth doing. Thanks !!”

Steven Rozenbroek

Hull East Yorkshire

” What a great plastering course for anyone who doesn’t know anything about plastering. You learn so much would recommend to anybody who needs to learn the basic and more. “


David Rozenbroek

Hull East Yorkshire

” Great plastering course. Good tuition followed up with tailored supervision. Small numbers with lots of practical experience. Despite having never plastered in the past I am now confident that I can tackle the jobs that need doing at home and even earn money doing jobs for others. “

Darren Hoban

Beverley East Yorkshire

” I have no experience of plastering and started the course with some trepidation . However I needn’t have worried . I learnt a lot during my 4 days training, the instructor was excellent , had a great teaching style and was friendly. My confidence and skills have soared and I now feel able to do the jobs I’ve previously had to pay others to do.”

Bob MacKenzie

Beverley East Yorkshire